An excellent summer school in an amazing location

Build your confidence, relax and learn

Here at ISC, we believe that students benefit enormously from the opportunity to use their English in interactive, communicative lessons, then to continue using what they have learnt in our truly international environment during activities and social time. There’s no need to be nervous about coming to an ISC course. We will do everything we can to make you feel confident, introduce you to new friends and encourage you to communicate in English.

The varied, highly enjoyable syllabus aims to ensure that every student at ISC has the chance not only to acquire new aspects of the English language, but also to use the language to communicate with others, both in and out of the classroom.

ISC is accredited by the British Council and our teachers are appointed in accordance with their guidelines and are carefully selected for their attitude, commitment and communicative ability. They will focus particularly on developing spoken and listening language skills and improving confidence and fluency.

Learning is fun at ISC – we try to make students feel relaxed and at home so they can learn to the best of their ability.

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  • The course is for students with at least one year of English study.
  • Students are divided into two courses – Jets for 10-14 years and Sharks 14 – 17 years – and have 15 hours (20 lessons) of English classes per week.
  • On arrival, you will have a written and oral test to place you on the right course at the appropriate level.
  • Classes are small with a maximum of 16 students so the teachers really get to know you and can help you make the most progress possible.
  • We focus on spoken and listening language skills to improve your confidence and fluency.
  • Course materials and an end of course certificate are provided.

The course is continually adapted and improved within the following structure.

  • For the first 2 x 50 minute lessons each day, students enjoy incorporating new elements of grammar and vocabulary into lessons that are designed to engage them with other students through dialogues, role plays, group work and presentations.
  • We then have a 45 minute lesson on British Culture, providing the students with an insight into various aspects of UK life, while also preparing them for the excursions to places such as London, Cambridge and Windsor.
  • For the final 45 minute lesson each day, the students are placed into theatre project groups, working together with their teachers to create an original play, which is then performed to the whole school at the end of the course.